Who We Are


or over twelve years, Rain Tomorrow has been working with small start-ups and large corporations to create expandable and innovative creations from design to development and through marketing as well. Our team has extensive experience that allows us to help you take your big idea and turn it into something impactful.

We create for all categories and unique niches. From healthcare to fashion, business to education, we thrive on working transparently with our partners to create products that aid businesses in creating movement in their industry.

Rain Tomorrow is based in Kansas City, MO and operates under its founder, Jake Lisby.

We create businesses, not software

Startups Annually
Launch Successfully
Chance of Success without a guide
We create businesses from ideas, not just build you a piece of software
Jake lisby
Founder of Rain Tomorrow
team of rockstars

We hire rockstars to create great experiences

Rain Tomorrow consists of dedicated team members that are driven to seeing your idea become a success. In addition to being able to create your idea from scratch, our team members can also be integrated into your company's current teams and processes to increase your capacity or provide a specialized skill set.

Trust Makes the Difference

You don't need to hire expensive C level staff or employees... yet! Our team works for you, making every decision by your side based on what's best for you and your company. Our success stories love that we function like a 3rd party co-founder.