Streamlining interactions between property managers and renters, simplifying the lives of both


A founding team focused on opportunities for small-business property owners.

SuperRenter was founded by Paul Worcester, Trenton Clifton, and Ashley Lackey as an opportunity to provide no-nonsense communication and property management tools to landlords managing smaller properties, like single-family homes. When taking a look at other property management software brands, they saw a need for an application that would cater more to individual property owners instead of large companies.

Technology to update communication between landlords and tenants

Drawing from their own personal difficulties with property management, SuperRenter birthed an idea for a software targeted to small-business landlords, like themselves. SuperRenter sought to close the gap between landlord & tenant by providing easy-to-use communication tools for everything from prospective client to maintenance requests. With no prior startup experience, they knew they would need assistance with the development, launch, and market growth of their product.

Guiding to the finish line

With just an idea in mind, SuperRenter was born. We helped them hone their vision into a marketable product. We designed and wrote the software, created the branding, and developed a market strategy to put SuperRenter on the map. SuperRenter was launched. As the company grows, we maintain ongoing product development, software revisions, and enhance user experience. We create new sales and marketing strategies with the focus on user and brand awareness, changing the game for small-business landlords everywhere.


Starting in first meeting they helped us shape our vision. We have now been able to launch into the market and begin growing a business. Their approach was thorough, logical and had always centered around how a business can grow. - Trenton Clifton, COO SuperRenter


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