Church to community connection for the technological era

A founding team focused on community engagement through simplified communication

Text In Church was born during discussions around church attendee follow-up between the father-son duo Tyler and Don Smith. They saw a need to create a more effective and efficient way for pastors & staff to connect with first time guests and their community. The team leveraged technology to create a systematic approach to congregation growth while allowing guests to feel a part of the church family immediately.

Church to community connection for the technological era

Text In Church ​automates and systematizes an effective visitor welcome campaign​. They launched with a basic version of the platform, started marketing, and interest grew. However, the software foundation was cracked and underdeveloped. Text in Church knew that in order to scale, they needed the technology to be sound. The challenge of moving from a fledgling system to an enterprise software presented a knowledge gap.

Text In Church’s gap was our bridgeway

Text In Church had started finding success in the market but needed a robust and stable software design to keep up with growing demand. We worked with the Text In Church team to rebuild the product leveraging our diverse expertise. We customized the platform to their specific needs and ensured it was scaleable to evolve with the company’s growth. We collaborated on product offering and marketing campaigns resulting in 10x growth over 5 years. We continue to partner with Text In Church as they are used by the fastest growing churches in America.

Rain Tomorrow's unique ability to take entrepreneurs’ vision and transform it into a technical reality is unmatched. By seeing the big picture and communicating effectively he helped us avoid countless pitfalls along the journey. ~ Tyler Smith, Co-founder & CEO Text In Church

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